Leadership Distinction #5: Time

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When you realize that all is event, and nothing more, are you more inclined to take leadership action?

Photo by Med Badr Chemmaoui on Unsplash

Is there anything more common, more prevalent, than Change? Change is the corollary of time itself. Aristotle was the first to say so, and 2400 or so earth trips around the sun since have not produced any good reason to disagree with him. But applying our personal choice to how the flow of Change will affect us? – that’s not so common. Exercising this choice represents the fullest measure of living we can muster in our own roughly 70 to 90 solar evolutions that any one of us might hope for in a life span. And this is the special province of leaders.

Some events are long lasting, such as our planet or the sun it gravitationally circles. Some events are relatively short. Your life, and mine, are somewhat uncomfortable examples.

And so it naturally follows that any change in reality we seek to bring about as leaders – and that is the job of leaders — becomes yet another event. By default, we may call anyone who practices leading a ‘leader-event’. They influence and manage people. We may in turn call these people ‘follower-events’. We seek to foster outcome-events that satisfy our original aim. And, via the same effort, we may spawn next generation leader-events to someday assume their roles and regenerate the flow of intended change that is their job to carry out.

Does the consideration of your life as but an event in Time make you feel uneasy? Or does it ease your mind about death? Comforted or agitated by the idea, either emotion can suitably serve to trigger your taking on leadership, and to begin it now.

With events transpiring around you as they are, doesn’t it make sense for you to join the fray, as the leader-event in Time it is your inclination to be, spurring purposeful, coordinated action with other ‘follower-events’? Isn’t it Time, after all, to make your life, well, eventful?

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