Strategy and Business Development Consulting

Whether the overall objective is to continue on, but more profitably, or to plan for an exit down the road, the emphasis here is on enhancing the performance of the business. And primarily, though not exclusively, in the domain of attracting prospects, aligning value, selling, and serving customers – the essential elements that underpin business growth.

“Bill’s work with Nye’s business development team has been instrumental for developing our 2020 marketing strategy and sales plan.  Even better he has given us a crisp methodology and discipline to build upon in the future.  The results will be transformative and greatly improve our growth prospects.”

— George Mock III, president & CEO, Nye Lubricants Director, Media & Publishing


Setting your business strategy leads to the next logical step of setting your Marketing strategy. The development of both is best accomplished by answering a few simple but pivotal questions. Working out answers to the StratCube leads straight into the deployment of the GCMA.

Great Circle of Marketing Action

A business that is dialed in on fulfilling customer value, in a market it is committed to serve, needs a comprehensive method to guide its Marketing efforts. The Great Circle of Marketing Action (GCMA) shows you what you need to do, when you need to do it, and what needs to have been done before you do it.