Leadership Distinction #3: Concern

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‘Dis’ is not the way you will let it be

Dissatisfaction, disappointment, dis-advantage. These words connote such negativity. But they can actually serve us in the most positive of ways. “Dis” is the fuel source for your potential agency in the world. Without its agitating impulse we would all be no more than passive targets for the chaotic, impersonal and enumerable change coming at us in this era of complexity. 

Sometimes the source for our dissatisfaction is immediate and compelling. Like that of a looming harm. In response to it, we react. Others witness our taking action and choose to emulate. This is the type of leading that doesn’t require a voice to garner followers 

At other times the spur of discontent we feel demands a proactive stance, along with a pause to consider how to plan the execution of our intentions. All our individual forces and talents and vision then serve to undergird our planning. As we begin to move into action, leading of this sort requires a voice to gain followers.

Whether it calls for a reactive or for a proactive stance, calls for action or for voice as action — our dissatisfaction morphs into a Concern with a capital C– marking in time this event as the seminal moment — the very counterpoint to passivity, and initiates the cycle of leading that redirects your path.

Are your present circumstances ‘dis’sing you? What is your Concern then? Want to see something changed in your world? Do you believe in your personal agency? Tired of change happening to you? Is your action voice ready to be heard?

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