Leadership Distinction #10: Belief

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Are You Putting Your Belief out there on the Street?

It is easy to believe in something that can be verified by others. But when we choose to believe in something that cannot be, it demands faith.

Those who dare to venture forth from their imaginative vision into the domain of action do so with a leader’s faith, a solely harbored Belief strong enough to act upon, despite the fact that this Belief cannot be affirmed by anyone else.

 Although they cannot affirm it followers show that they share in the Belief of its promise, when they commit their precious time and energy to support it.

For this to happen a leader must transmit, from all that they are, a depth of Belief and a well-reasoned argument, for others to take on their share in it. The reservoir of Belief must be deep enough to withstand the challenges – which will surely come with power and frequency, to confront and deny its intended outcome.

When in the event that the result generated in time does in fact honor the Belief — and reward the faith — others will verify by their witness, and thereby come to believe, in the power of this leader, and of these followers. Belief affirmed.

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